A message to those on the left and the right

Flies in the vaseline we are, sometimes it blows my mind
Keep getting stuck here all the tiiiiiiiiiiimmmmme...

Is it you, is it me, search for things that you can't see
Going blind, out of reach, somewhere in the vaseline...

I know that some people will think this is crazy...
People on the right and the left will probably think it's stupid...but...
if you listen long enough to the things he is actually saying...
...Dr Paul can make your eyes water!

The things Dr Paul says breaks through the grease ceiling that's trapped us all and held us all down to a certain level of subservience to the 'system' of bureaucracy, lies, racketeering, mass deceit, propaganda, control and subversive tyranny that has been digging into this nation like a parasite with so many over sized tentacles...they have penetrated our most secure departments by way of diplomacy, bribery and coercion. It's time to elect a different kind of politician. One that is not backed by major banking corporations, but rather much more by the people and representatives of local communities. Let's take back American now! RON PAUL FOREVER!

Please reconsider Ron Paul as your candidate of choice if you haven't already.
We need every bit of support to make this a full on landslide against the corporate candidates on both sides of the mainstream.

If you feel a shiver when you hear the word freedom...
If the blood rushes through your veins white hot...
If you feel the same urgency that I do...
Get this message of freedom out to
Thank you for your participation and thank you for sharing this message!


  1. Thank You! I have been screaming it myself. I have been handing out homeade leaflets with links to the truth. And now I will send this on as well. With Love.

  2. Combining STP and Dr Paul is a recipe for success.
    Will be sharing your magic at our page: