Say goodbye to the economy and lives of a free people

What I see is that the government subsidized programs which were artificially funded at artificially low interest rates has put America into an over inflated state...or economic bubble... the government has allowed the privately and secretly run Federal Reserve bank to print up a bunch of paper dollars that far exceed the nations gold stock and other real goods and wealth that the dollar is supposed to represent and then they gave all those paper dollars to all kinds of special interests groups that we may or may not agree other words, government spending in general... subsidies, foreign aid, war, welfare, education, healthcare, secret projects, Area 51 maybe etc etc etc.

Now all those government subsidized areas of market delivery are some 4-500% higher in cost than they were less than just about 20 years ago... like agriculture, energy, healthcare, education, housing and others.

Seriously, the price of homes in many areas is probably 3 times what it was say 20 years ago.... gas used to be $1, now it's $4+, many staple foods are at least 3-5 times what they were then, healthcare we know is a complete train wreck in terms of cost... but did the average American income go up 3-500%? No... !!

So that's how I see the whole currency inflation scenario... when the government..or the state takes economic controls and starts paying for everything with our tax dollars...then monopolization, bureaucracy, cronyism, theft and corruption of the worst kind is created...truly evil and arrogant people get wealthy and the common man is used like a pawn being sold on the 'social policies' of the system and in essence, asking for a technocratic tyranny where the minds of these very people must be conditioned, controlled and consoled by propaganda... and so the media must be constantly bribed, threatened and bought off in order to control the public discourse of conversations... so that the truth is distorted and the real truth is in fact considered to be treason or criminal.

Meanwhile, as far as the delivery of those goods and services, the price goes up and the quality goes unless we start embracing libertarian ideas that take the money out of the governments hands and puts it back into the hands of the people... say goodbye to the economy and lives of a free people.... and say hello to 1984!!

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