Troops and Veterans March the White House on Feb 20th, 2012

The troops and veterans and other members of military march the White House
The news doesn't want you to see this...

The President doesn't want you to see this...
The bureaucrats and lobbyists don't want you to see this...
The military industrial complex and arms traders don't want you to see this...
So that made me think wow...
you really need to see this!!!!
And support your troops
and your country
by passing it on!!
Troops March the White House
Why are all these troops and veterans voluntarily marching
the White House to support Ron Paul for President?

Because he's the ONLY 2012 candidate that fully
defends The Constitution of The United States!!

The mainstream news media stations like CNN and FOX
completely ignored this story.

That's because there's a massive effort by the establishment
of both main parties to keep any newcomers out that
might break up the system and the corruption.
Anyone that rocks the boat!!

Ron Paul rocks the boat in a major way that's difficult for people
to understand, especially if they are simply uninformed and/or
non thinking. He speaks for the people and against elite
corporate government officials, their lobbyists
and bureaucrats.

He speaks truth to power in a much more major way than
any other candidate. Obama, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum are
largely just sellouts. They don't threaten the 1% in any way.

Ron Paul threatens the 1% corrupt elitists in a major way!!
Obama and Romney protect them!
Go to and
watch some of the videos
to learn more!

troops and veterans march white house

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